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What is a person to do?
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

There are a lot of things that we face in the world we live in that sometimes demand responses and many times don’t.

In other words, there are sometimes that we just need to keep our mouths shut, while other times we should speak up. We must learn to choose our battles carefully.

In our world today we face wars, racism, natural disasters, social issues and political turmoil, just to name a few problems, and we must decide how or if we will respond.

Sometimes our words, although meant well, can be misinterpreted or misunderstood. Sometimes our words come as a response of anger or hatred or even frustration and the end result only adds insult to injury.

Yes, there are times we need to speak up, because it is the right thing to do and it becomes a conviction of ours. Not to do so would be to withhold truth and would allow evil to go unchallenged. I think when we sense the necessity to speak out we must do so out of a spirit of love.

Jesus told us that out of all the instruction he left with us, the most important above everything else was to love God and, secondly, to love our neighbor as ourselves.

If we truly love God, what we say should bring him honor and would be pleasing in his sight. If we truly love others then how we respond will not be for our benefit but for their benefit.

If we win the battle of love, all other battles will seem much easier.

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