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Valentine's Day according to kids
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Kids are pretty honest and upfront about their feelings. So who better to ask about the meaning of Valentine's Day?

In this video, kids are asked a little about love. They are super adorable and open. One girl is adamant about her misspelling and pronunciation of "Valentime." Here's a little about "Valentime's Day," according to kids.

Who's Cupid?

  • "Cupid is that guy..."
  • "It's not a he. It's a she."
  • "And he looks like he's in a white diaper, but, yeah. He is. And he has, like, this arrow..."
Is Cupid stupid?

  • "Yes, he is. Seriously, shooting arrows and not shooting cupcakes? What was he thinking?"
Included in some of the chatter was "the color of love is red," along with mentions of chocolate, movies, romance and flowers. And, of course, girls can send Valentines, but they are not supposed to do all the work.

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