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There is a king in you
Pastor's corner
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“For every time that You protected me when I did not know Your name, Lord, I say thank you. How You loved me and cared for me when I didn’t return the same, I say thank you.”
Those lyrics, from Lisa Page Brooks’ song “I Want to Say Thank You,” remind us that, essentially, we come from — and are provided for by — royalty. Just as a king is responsible for providing for his kingdom, the Lord takes on this responsibility in our lives, despite our words and actions. With that in mind, we should strive to renew that link to royalty in our lives.
According to I Samuel 16 1:5, when Samuel mourned for Saul, he offered himself up and refreshed the sense of kingship within by doing what God asked him to do, which was to go to Jesse and bring David back as the new king.
Throughout our lives, we all go through times when we feel under-qualified to do what God has called us to do. Much like David, who went on to become the greatest king in Israel’s history, we too can use the potential that God gave us during times of question. Just like David, we all experience turning points in our lives. We’re looking forward to bright futures with our whole lives ahead of us, yet we have untapped potential that we can use to do the Lord’s work.
Understand that it was God who chose David and not Samuel. Being chosen by God, David was given the opportunity to become king. We, too, are chosen when we receive encouragement from the Lord and we, too, must recognize when we are admonished or encouraged by man.
Just like David, the Apostle Paul also was chosen by the Lord to proclaim the gospel throughout the land, just as a king would give out his decree. Paul knew that he was royalty and, through the word of God, he used that power to encourage others (Galatians 6:14).
You have the ability to impact others by sending out messages of encouragement — the messages of a king. There is a king inside all of us. With our king-like qualities, we must recognize that we can change the world. Exhibiting this royalty can be as simple as teaching the word through Bible study, winning souls for Christ, visiting the sick and afflicted, smiling at or hugging someone in need, or just speaking encouraging words to someone who needs to hear the truth.
There is a king in each of you. There is great potential in all of you. There is an anointing on your life. Do not ignore it. Accept the calling of royalty in your life and use your potential to serve others through Christ. Use the king in you.

Williams is the pastor of the Mount Zion Outreach Center Midway and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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