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The answers are right in front of us
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The other day, I drove up to the church and parked my car under the portico in front of the church. Recently, I have had a problem with my car key getting stuck in the ignition switch.

It happened this particular morning, so I separated the rest of the keys from the car key so I could get into the church. Later, I went back out and my single key was retrieved from the ignition but instead of putting it back on the key ring, I put it in my pocket. An hour or so later, when someone showed up to shoot a video clip of me speaking in front of the church, I reached in my pocket to get the key so that I could move my car out of the way.

My frustration started when I couldn’t find the key. I began to search in every possible place. I searched through the trash, checked the cuffs of my pant legs and even went to rooms and looked in places where I hadn’t been that morning. Then I went back and checked again, still not seeing a sign of that key. I called my son and asked him to take me to my scheduled appointment in town, and his response was that he would come and look for the key himself because it couldn’t have just disappeared. He drove up and within 15 seconds, he had my car started with this lost key. When he drove up, he looked out from the portico to the sidewalk leading up to the church and there it was, in plain sight. I don’t have a clue why I didn’t see it, except maybe the place was too obvious and I was searching too hard to find it.

This reminded me of how many treat the truths of life: The answers are right in front of them, but they don’t see them. The Bible teaches us that the word of God is truth, and Jesus taught that he was actually the way, the truth and the life. Many will seek answers to where we came from, what our purpose is, where we go when we die and spend a lifetime at it only to be more confused than when they started.

All the time, the answers are right under our noses, for the Bible is the best seller among books each year and at least one copy is in most homes. Most motels have a copy in each room, and there are churches on almost every corner where it is being taught at least on a weekly basis.

If you are searching for truth, the answers might not be as far away as you think.

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