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Technology relating to God
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I have a high school class reunion coming up next month. I’m not going to disclose the number of years, but let’s just say that no one at this reunion will be showing pictures of their babies.

Grandbabies? Yep.

And this time we will not be looking at photos in wallets. No, there will be videos and photos on smartphones, YouTube and Instagram, and I don’t even know what all else we will see.

Recently, my younger sister posted that she felt like Wilma Flintstone in a Jane Jetson world. She talked about being locked out of her washing machine. Can you even imagine that? How is it that a washing machine can lock out its owner?

I often get frustrated with copy machines and computers. They are convinced that they are smarter than I am. When I attempt to make a copy, and the machine refuses because I need to choose a different size paper, even though I want regular paper. Well, let’s just say that I walk away muttering to myself like Smedley, the dog of cartoons gone by.

Perhaps I was born too late. Maybe I belong to an earlier generation.

Don’t get me wrong. I love air conditioning and cruise control. And GPS on the golf course? That’s very helpful when I’m trying to work my way back out of the woods to the fairway and civilization.

But what right does the machine have to tell me I’m wrong? Isn’t it supposed to serve me? I paid for it.

And then I ponder this thought. God created me. He knows everything about me. According to the Bible, he knows the number of the hairs on my head. He knows my thoughts even before they lead to action. And he knows what is best for me. And yet I find myself arguing with God. I find myself disobeying God. I find myself going in my own direction.

And I wonder, does God look at me in the same way I look at the GPS on my windshield when it tells me to turn directly into a field of corn because I have arrived at my destination?

If I am frustrated with the machines in my life, how much more is God exasperated with my bad choices?

How I need to see that God is good, and that he always wants the best for me. I can trust him in every situation. I pray that I will learn that, and that I will become more faithful in my service to him.

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