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Responsibility of passing the torch
pastor corner

On most Fourth of Julys, our family, which this year included 17 of us, meets at our house for food, fun and fireworks.
Being the oldest and the patriarch, I’m in charge of the fireworks. I am the one who has the privilege of lighting them. My son has been itching for years now to be that person who takes charge — as well as taking the risk of being splattered with sparks.
This year, I lit the first couple of fireworks, but decided it was time to pass on the mantle of responsibility to my son, who, maybe even today, doesn’t realize that happened. I handed him the lighter stick, sat next to my wife and enjoyed the rest of the show.
Church life is supposed to look something like this. The Apostle Paul, in one of his letters to young evangelist Timothy, said, “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men, who will also be qualified to teach others.” In other words, teach others who will teach others, or keep on passing the baton.
We, as Christians, have an awesome responsibility to reproduce ourselves. We must be mentors so that one day, others can take our place, or at least run beside us in what God has called us to do.
This doesn’t apply only to ministry, but also can apply to every person in every area of life. It can apply to sports, family life or carrier.
What areas are you involved in where you can start taking the time to invest in the lives of others?

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