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Rely on the mother heart of God
pastor corner

In the springtime, it is normal to expect storms. Some can be severe. There is also a season for hurricanes.

With the storms of life, many times there is no warning, and definitely there is no season.

These storms come by way of illness, death of a loved one, financial loss, breakup of a relationship or many other of life’s tragedies.

When we are kids and storms come our way, the natural thing to do is to run to Mama. When we grow up Mama’s ear may still there to listen to us and her shoulder is still there to cry on.

Sometimes, all we have are memories of the times our mothers were there for us.

The Bible describes for us what some refer to as the "mother heart of God" In Isaiah 66:13 it says, "As one who his mother comforts, so I will comfort you." The Lord has promised to be there for us during our storms of life.

So if you are presently going through a storm, draw close to a God who loves you so much.

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