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Real treasurers
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Movies and TV shows in the 1960’s and 1970’s sometimes depicted pirates looking for buried treasure. Little boys often dreamed of being on a pirate ship (perhaps even being in charge). The idea of finding that buried treasure was always appealing.
Today many people continue to seek buried treasure that probably does not exist through the purchase of lottery tickets. The desire is great to find riches for which we do not have to work.
Jesus told His disciples to “lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.” What did He mean by that? He was seeking to remind his followers that the material possessions we own should not be the sum total of our lives. We ought not to weigh our own self worth based upon things. Jesus was also trying to get us to be more patient, and to recognize that we often must wait for the best of things to come our way.
Consider this. My grandmother used to cook most of the day. When she served green beans we knew that they had been on the stove for a number of hours. Can you imagine cooking one vegetable nearly all day? Today we pop a box in the microwave and stand impatiently as it takes all of 45 seconds to cook.
Laying up treasures in heaven requires both patience and faith, two character traits badly needed in our world. It means coming to realize that God is good and He can be trusted. Even when things do not look like they are going our way, we can count on Him to care for us.
Where is your treasure? Remember that everything that you currently own (materially speaking) is already in the process of deteriorating in some way. But that which we store with God for eternity will last forever. Put your treasure in God’s hands. Trust Him. Follow Him. The reward will be worthwhile.

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