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Our freedom did not come free
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This 4th of July we celebrate the freedom we have here in America. We as Americans still enjoy freedoms not experienced and only dreamed of by most of the world’s population.

We can speak and voice our views, we can demonstrate peacefully against what we may consider injustices, we can worship freely without government intervention and we can even own and carry weapons to protect ourselves as the Supreme Court has recently ruled.

The list of freedoms go on and on but these freedoms just didn’t come out of thin air; they were bought with the blood of countless men and women. In other words, freedom isn’t free.

There are other things we as Christians enjoy and take advantage of which many times we take for granite.

We have the forgiveness of sins, peace of mind, a personal relationship with God, and the promise of eternal life.

We have freedom from the power of sin in our life, freedom from condemnation and guilt, and from hell.

These freedoms did not come free either. The scripture tells us that we were bought with a price. Christ Jesus gave His life so that we might be free.

This time of the year we need to honor and remember those who gave their lives for our freedom and we need to thank God for sending His son Jesus Christ who gave us the ultimate freedom.

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