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One must keep growing in faith
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According to nature, I believe spring is here.
I always tell people that one of the ways that I know spring is here is when I see the yellow jasmine blooming, and I have been seeing a lot of that going on. One of the other signs is the growth of certain plants and especially the grass growing up in our lawns.
The truth I want to bring out today is that this kind of growth is natural; if plants and grasses don’t grow eventually, something definitely is wrong. There are reasons why they might not grow, like lack of water, lack of a food source or not enough sun.
God has made us human beings the same way. Growing up involves the desire to drink and eat, and if a baby doesn’t start growing, then there is something wrong as well.
In the book of 1 Peter, the author says that our spiritual life is no different: “Like newborn babies, crave spiritual milk, so that by it, you may grow up in your salvation.”  The spiritual milk he is talking about is the word of God, and as we take it in, it is like water, food and sunshine to us spiritually. If we are not growing in our salvation, then we are dying spiritually, because with the proper nourishment, we will grow naturally.
The key question here is: Are you growing in your faith? If you would have to answer “No,” then there are two reasons why you may not be growing: You have never really experienced a new spiritual birth, in other words, you need to be born again; you need to start a relationship with God through Christ. Or,  like John talks about in Revelation, you have lost your first love, you’ve lost your focus, your purpose.
What you need to do is to confess and ask forgiveness for your drifting away, and like the prodigal son, you need to come home.

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