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Make the right call: Go with God
pastor corner

The other evening, I watched the Super Bowl with several people from our church. I wasn’t a fan of either team, so I really didn’t care who won.
I admit that it turned out to be an enjoyable game to watch. At the end of the game, there was a play called which seemed to be a horrible one and probably cost Seattle the game. The consequence for the Seahawks is that they can never bring that game back; it is history. There is nothing they can do to change the outcome.
There is another game, as some would call it — the game of life. As we go through this life, most of, if not all, of us have had an opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ. Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to accept him into your life as your personal savior. Hopefully, you have had the chance to choose to follow him. The truth of the matter is that many reject him and choose to make the wrong play.
The great news is that the Lord still is waiting; there is something you can do about the outcome. You do get to play the down over again. As long as you are breathing, there is hope from a God who patiently is waiting.
 The reality is that one day, the game will be over. The Scripture tells us that we all will have to experience death and face our creator. At that time, there will be no opportunity to change the outcome of our eternal destiny.
There is good news for you if you reading this, so go run your play.

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