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Looking forward to the Lord's feast
pastor corner

I’m so excited — he’s coming home this weekend. By the time you read this, he should be here.  
“He” is my son who was in an accident just over a year ago. Following two weeks in a hospital in Charleston, he went to Atlanta and has been there ever since. He came down for two days at Christmas, but at that time he still was overwhelmed by everything that had happened to him. To be honest, it was not a great time.  
But things have gotten better. He still moves about in a wheelchair, but he is driving. He has his own car and will be driving from Atlanta to Ellabell on his own! Did I tell you I am excited?  
We’ve been to see him, but this will be different. I am looking forward to the visit. He will return to Atlanta to work and continue with therapy after the weekend, but this will be a special weekend.
It’s always good to get together with family. I remember going to Granny and Pa Pa’s house twice a year for special events.
I regularly saw them; we lived only a half-mile from them. But in July, we had a big feast for his birthday, and at Christmas, we all got together. Dad had eight brothers and sisters, and there were 24 cousins on that side of the family tree.
When the Butlers got together, the food was awesome — roasts, potatoes, rolls and all manner of vegetables were spread on the table. There always was at least one chocolate cake. And then, there was the homemade banana pudding with a meringue on top.
Oh my! I probably take cholesterol medicine today because of the Butler family gatherings from my childhood. But it was worth it.
Do you like a feast? Do you like family gatherings? The Bible says that a day is coming when the people of God will gather as one for a great banquet. Heaven is described in a number of ways in Revelation, all of them beautiful pictures of the goodness of God. But in Revelation 19:9, we read, “Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.”  
I have to admit that I like to eat and love buffets. And the day will come when God will give to his children the ultimate feast. We will enjoy the bounties on his endless table and sit together at that table to enjoy all that he has to give us. I look forward to that day even more than this weekend. We will rejoice and be fed by the one who created us and made us for himself.
Are you ready for that day? Are you prepared for that feast? You will be fully satisfied in the presence of the Lord — no Lipitor needed.

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