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Let's remember what Easter is about
Pastor's corner
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As we head into a very special time of the year for Christians, we must take the time to truly understand what Easter is all about.
See, it is not just a special event. It is a celebration of the most important day of the year. Without this event in history, there would be no power in Christianity and our faith would be a lie.
The birth of Christ is magnificent all by itself, for without the birth, there would be no resurrection.
However, this chronicle is completely overshadowed in comparison to the glory and majesty of Christ giving away His life for those who love Him. Not to mention, at the end of this narrative, Jesus reclaims His life with power in His hand. The enemy was defeated, and everyone who loves Jesus shall live with Him always.
At one point, the church truly knew what it meant to celebrate Easter. The celebration, which typically lasted a month, included prayer and fasting. The week before Easter is known as Holy Week.
On the Sunday before Easter, Palm Sunday, we celebrate Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem when people waved palm branches as He rode into the city on a donkey.
On the Wednesday before Easter, sometimes known as Maundy Wednesday, Christians recall the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, who plotted with the Pharisees. Holy Thursday is used to commemorate the Last Supper. On Good Friday, a service usually is performed at the hour of Jesus’ death.
Then there is Easter Sunday or “Super Sunday,” as I like to call it. This is the day our Lord rose from the dead and defeated death and sin for those who believe in Him. This day is so important because it means that I will see my Lord in His glory. This day gave me — and all believers — the opportunity for eternal life.
So Easter is not about cute, little bunnies or colorful eggs in straw baskets. It isn’t even about large church attendance, although we should make everyone who comes through the door feel welcome. It is about celebrating our God and His Son for what they have done for all of us.

Johnson is the pastor of Mount Zion Memorial Chapel and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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