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Let Christ in when he knocks on your door
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Many people have the famous picture of Jesus knocking on the door hanging in their homes or offices. With many paintings, most people don’t look at the details and if asked about them would be clueless. In the picture, there is an important detail that most don’t notice, and that is that there is no handle or knob on the outside of the door. This illustrates that Jesus will not force his way into our lives and will only come in when invited. In other words, he is faithful in presenting himself as the solution to our problems but will not interfere unless we ask him to.

There are a couple of circumstances where Jesus would be at our life’s door wanting to come in. First, he wants to come in and be our savior, meaning he wants to come in and forgive us for our sins, give us peace of mind and to give us eternal life. He wants to come in to our lives to start a relationship with us. Another reason he would be knocking at our life’s door is that there may be an area of your life that you have made off limits to the Lord. Jesus desires to be Lord of every area of our lives, and when we choose to keep control in that area, we struggle.

Revelation 3:20 illustrates Christ’s desire to come into our lives when he says, “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in.....”

The big question is, “Are you listening?”

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