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Kid President explains how to make Facebook happier and it's hilarious
Kid President has some perfect suggestions for silencing those "Debbie Downers" on Facebook. - photo by Wendy Jessen
Do you fill your time with negativity making negative comments to others on social media, complaining to others or focusing on your own faults?

Kid President wants everyone to make the Internet happy with the #MakeItHappy campaign. He has three lessons for us to follow which are equal parts hilarious and brilliant.

  1. Respond to negative comments like "this video is the worst" by using a pizza emoticon! And there's one for the gluten-free crowd as well.
  2. "Don't just feed the trolls, hug them!" If someone is saying bad things about himself, send him some uplifting motivation. If someone is "Internet yelling" in all caps "I HAVE AN OPINION! POLITICS! ANGER!" respond and say "I LOVE CAPITAL LETTERS TOO!"
  3. Spread happiness with things we can all agree are awesome: fist bumps, high fives, bubble wrap, animals wearing clothes, cake and birthday cake. Talk about what you love on the Internet instead of what you hate.
Bonus lesson: Sometimes, we find ourselves down or sad because of life's problems someone who says something hurtful or other circumstances that cause us to feel sad. Do something out of the ordinary (yes, get off the Internet), and talk to the people around you.

Let's turn those frowns upside down, make lemonade from lemons and seek the rainbows after the rain. As we spread positivity on the Internet (and in person), we will make a difference in the lives of others. For more, read this article about Internet kindness.

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