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Keep the faith, fathers and serve God
pastor corner

Sunday is Father’s Day. I will not get to see my dad, but I certainly will call him.  
He does pretty well for a man of 77 years. Five days a week, he goes to the gym to work out, and often takes his little dog for a walk of nearly 2 miles later in the afternoon.  
I learned so many things from my dad. He taught me to tie a hook and cast a fishing line. He taught me to throw, shoot, dribble and catch various kinds of balls. He gave me my first lessons in driving, showed me how to balance a checkbook and spoke often of the need to spend less than you make.  
Some things I inherited (or learned) have not always been as helpful as others.
I certainly got my competitive spirit from him. That was a good thing when I played on teams, but also has caused me an occasional headache.
But for the most part, my dad should receive credit for the positive character traits in my life. I’m responsible for the foolish things I’ve done.
The greatest gifts my dad gave to me were faith and faithfulness.  Interestingly, in the Greek language of the New Testament, those things are one. The same word can translate into either of them, making it clear that they go together.
But for us today, we usually speak of faith as that which we place in God and faithfulness as our response to him. My dad most certainly has exhibited both in my life, and his influence in those areas has been great.
And I will be forever grateful for those grand life lessons.
If there is a dad reading this article today, I encourage you to have faith and be faithful. Be faithful to your wife, to your children, to your church and to the Lord. And trust God in all things.
As you do those things, your children will see it and, in most cases, follow you.  
The statistics are mind-blowing. The children of men who are faithful are so much more likely to remain faithful to the Lord when they leave home to make a life of their own.
I am grateful for faithful mothers. But dads make so much difference when they lead and teach their children well.    
Every pastor longs to see more men step up and follow Christ. Every church is blessed when that happens. And every home is better for it.  
Have a Happy Father’s Day, and be faithful to serve the Lord.

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