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How many days until Christmas
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When I went to the bank the other day I was joking with the teller, who I have known for several years, that there were only 356 days until Christmas.
She responded with, “Oh no! I don’t want to think about that, let me recover from the last one first.”
There are certain things in life that we really don’t want to think or talk about, and this next Christmas is just one of them. My contention is that we ought to be excited about the thought of the coming Christmas if Christmas is what it is supposed to be.
Christmas should be a time for love, family and celebrating the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ, but we have allowed it to become a rat race, a stress producer and something to not look forward to.
Another important issue that we don’t want to deal with is this issue of dying. For most they would say it is morbid or depressing to think of such a thing. My contention here is that it should be a positive time in a person’s life – that is if you are a Christian.
For a Christian, this life is a journey with a final destination in this place called heaven – so to come to that place of death is not all that bad.
If a person has not made final preparations, meaning peace with God through Christ, then it is a bad thing and nothing to look forward to. The good news is that anyone who wants this peace can have it. Anyone who wants to look forward to the end of life instead of fearing it can do so.
Make the decision to be a Christ-follower and ask him to come into your life and change you and you can have this assurance.

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