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Gospel can bear fruit in our lives
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Spring has come. It’s obvious on the calendar. We already have moved the clocks forward for daylight saving time. And where we live, trees and flowers are blooming all over.  
I have lived in places where the coming of spring was an event noted only on the calendar. We did not see flowers and blooms until deep into spring. But there certainly is something beautiful about this season.
And it illustrates much of the Gospel. The basic truths of the Gospel are simple. They are found the first few verses of 1 Corinthians 15. These truths are that Jesus lived and died, according to the Old Testament Scriptures, that he was raised from the dead, and that he appeared to many. Life, death and appearing — those are the steps.
And as we view spring, we see that kind of thing. I know that our trees do not die during the winter — rather, they go dormant — but the picture is of death. As you view most trees in December and January, they look dead. But then, they bloom and, finally, bear fruit.  
The Gospel plays itself in our lives in the same way. Prior to coming to Christ in faith, we are dead in our sins. When we come to him in simple trust, he gives us new life. This life is so significant that Jesus referred to it as a second birth. And this second birth assures us of eternal life.  
I enjoy spring. The azaleas and dogwoods are beautiful. Soon, my vegetable garden will be in the ground. Come summer, we will enjoy the tomatoes, peppers and squash that are so delicious.  
It is my desire that my life, which was drastically and dramatically changed by the Lord Jesus, will reflect the seasons. I hope that others will see the beauty of Christ in me, and I long to produce the fruit that brings glory to him.  
I pray the same for you. Let us show others the truth that Jesus can truly change your life.

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