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Getting right to the root of the matter
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I have been noticing an influx of mole activity in my front yard recently. In the past those varmints have limited their destruction to the side and back yards where it is mostly woods. My dog digs out one from the ground every once in a while and I flatten the ground back down occasionally. I have even considered putting out mole traps or even waiting to see if I could see them push the dirt up so that I could dig them out; but who has time for that. Everything I have tried or thought about trying has very limited success.

I finally have made the move to do probably the best thing to help my problem; I went to the store and purchased a bag of insect killer that kills the mole crickets and grub worms that the moles feed on. In other words I am getting to the root of the matter. If the moles have nothing to eat they will have to go somewhere else to find food other than my yard.

This all reminds me of the way people treat the life filled with the regular practice of sin. They try all sorts of things to try to live better. They may go to therapy or make promises that may be well intended. They may even start going to church or start doing good deeds to try to make themselves better people. They may feel a little better about themselves but the sin problem still remains.

The key to the problem is to understand that sin is a spiritual problem which requires a spiritual solution. Only God through His Spirit can bring deliverance. The Bible says that if we are filled with God’s Spirit and will follow the Spirit’s leading in our lives then we won’t have a life filled with the practice of sin. This doesn’t mean we are perfect or that we can never sin but that sin is not an everyday practice in our lives. We can receive this Spirit when we invite the Lord Jesus Christ into our lives.

The moral to all of this is that if you have a sin problem stop trying all those things that only treat the symptoms but rather let God get to the root of the matter.

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