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Find the difference Easter can make for you
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Easter weekend is upon us and for some this is just a secular holiday; time to have fun, be off work, and be with the family.
For others it is a time to do our once a year church event, meaning that church is a not a normal part of your life. But for others Easter weekend is a special time to commemorate one of the most important happenings in history; the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
If you are not in this last group, I want you to understand the benefits of taking advantage of what Jesus Christ has done for you through His dying on the cross, rising again and going to sit at the side of God the Father.
You first can experience the peace that comes from knowing that all your past sins are forgiven.
Secondly, because of a new relationship with God through Christ, you can better deal with your present problems with a fresh power that comes with God's Spirit in your life guiding you.
Last, you can look into the future with a renewed hope. If you listen to the news that is piped to us on a daily basis, life could really be depressing; for the future outlook isn't very pretty.
But if you will listen to God's promises, hope for the future can get you excited.
Eternity awaits us all, for we will all one day die, but God has promised to those who will trust His forgiveness through Christ, that heaven awaits us. This is a place of total peace, happiness, no sickness or heartache, and it will last for eternity.
If this is not applicable to you now the good news is that it can be.
What a perfect time for you to reach out to a loving Father; Easter weekend.
If you want to hear more about this hope, call me at 308-7635.

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