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Find forgiveness
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Sunday evening my wife and I watched a movie titled The Russell Girl. This was a Hallmark movie about a girl who went back to her hometown because she was sick with leukemia.

The truth came out that she had moved away because of an incident that happened while she was baby-sitting a neighbors child. This child died by way of an accident, which led to accusations by others and an unforgiving guilt on the part of the baby-sitter. The good news is that things worked out for the good of everyone involved in the end, with forgiveness and healing being the instruments. If you missed this movie, rent it or buy it because it will be worth your time watching.

There were a couple of truths that I picked up in this movie that I would like to share with you. As everyone involved looked back on the accident, there was a little something each one could have done differently that could have saved a life. I know that we cannot repeat the past but we can learn for the future.

The scripture tells us to "be careful how you live." This means for us to pay attention to how our lives effect other people and to watch what we say and what we do. There are some things that happen that are totally out of our control but there are other things that can be avoided by the decisions we make. If our blunders effect others physically the worst thing that can take place is death, as bad as that is, but if our blunders effect others spiritually the results can lead to separation from God eternally.

Another truth is, that no matter how bad our words or actions were that affected the lives of others, even if they were intentional, there is forgiveness that is available.

God has promised forgiveness to those who will confess their faults with honesty and sincerity. We as believers are compelled to forgive any offense against us, so we have no choice but to forgive that person who seeks forgiveness from us for the hurts against us.

How can we deny forgiveness when God was so merciful to us? Let this be our prayer:

"Lord, may you help me to live a life loving my fellow man being careful how my decisions effect those around me and help me to learn what forgiveness is all about."

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