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Fathers become endangered species
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

There are 62 animals and plants on Georgia’s list of endangered species.

There is, however, a mammal that should be added to the list — "real fathers."

Real men who rise up and provide, protect and promote their families are indeed becoming a rare breed. We are all familiar with the cliché, "Anyone can make a baby, but it takes a real man to be a father."

Sadly, we have too many men shying away from the demanding role of fatherhood. There are fewer men supporting and guiding our children. Families are suffering, our nation and future generations are at risk because of the missing presence of strong male leadership in the home. We have to reduce the growing number of men abdicating their thrones and evading the responsibility.

Changes in recent legislation concerning families will do more to erode the population of good fathers.

So, like all other endangered species, we must look for ways to protect and increase that population. Here are suggestions to help us protect this particular endangered population.

We must do a better job of preparing young men to become fathers. This is becoming harder because of the shortage of positive role models. If a boy doesn’t have a father in his home, our churches, schools and community centers can provide mentorship and role models. Let’s have more formal and informal learning opportunities to show young men how to be effective as fathers.

Most importantly, we should honor and celebrate those who are fulfilling their obligation. If you know of any faithful father who is standing firm and committed to his role, encourage him to continue.

Let’s recognize those who stay, and those who didn’t stay but pay child support to ensure their child is provided for. We need to do more to lift up fathers and less to tear them down. Let’s protect this endangered species by showing respect and honor to those who are leading their families.

As we celebrate Father’s Day, remember that anything you appreciate increases; anything that you don’t appreciate decreases. Let’s increase the population of good fathers. Please tell every hardworking, family-loving, child-caring, providing father, "Happy Father’s Day, you are loved, valued and appreciated."

Brown is the senior pastor of Destiny Christian Center and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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