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Everyone has gifts that build the church when used
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

This column is not intended for true confessions, but I have one to make to you. I am artistically challenged. I can’t draw. I can’t paint. I don’t work well with clay. I’ve never considered the possibility of sculpting. To be honest, I don’t even take very good pictures.

I admit to you that there are times when the green-eyed monster rears its ugly head when I see the talents of others. I am amazed at the beauty of a painted portrait. When I see creative artwork, I wonder why I can’t do something like that.

Perhaps you feel that same way when you hear someone sing or play an instrument. Maybe you are jealous of someone who can swim or run faster than you can. Or maybe you would simply like to be able to bake a delicious pie.

Whatever it may be, we all have something we wish we could do. Some are gifted cooks while others have a green thumb in the garden. Some sing like beautiful songbirds while others paint. And you may wonder if you have any gift to offer at all.

The Bible makes it clear that God gives gifts to all of his children. Paul describes this for us in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11.

There are many gifts, and I am of the opinion that the lists in the Bible are representative rather than exhaustive. Each believer has at least one of these gifts. Therefore you cannot honestly say that you have no gifts.

Some gifts are used more publicly than others. But make no mistake about it. Every gift matters.

I think if I could emphasize just one biblical truth to Christians and churches this might be it: You are gifted, and your gift is important. You can use it to bless others. You should not envy what others have and do, for yours is an essential part of the church, too.

Here’s the deal. When you and I use the gifts God has given to us, the church is blessed and built. And we make a powerful impact on the world around us. I encourage you to do two things. First, discover your gift or gifts and practice using them. And then, rejoice as others do the same. As we turn away from jealousy, and cheer each other on, the church will grow and God will be glorified.

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