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Don't leave your life an unfinished story
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

We have celebrated the conclusion of one year and are embarking on a new year.

We all have different opinions about last year. Some may believe that last year was not so bad, while others believe it was the worst of their lives. No matter how it ended and what you have declared, it shall be your story. Finish it!

It is amazing when examining the beliefs of others and how they may be in opposition to your beliefs and what you have accomplished. I believe no one can tell your story better than you can.

There are times in our lives when we deal with so many things unknown to others. The more you try to focus and move forward, the harder it becomes. There are times when quitting appears more convenient than continuing. The times when you are thinking of quitting, the author is urging you to continue.

When I think of how we experience life, it makes me think of a cliffhanger. A cliffhanger leaves you or someone in suspense. The author or writer wants to leave you guessing what will happen next.

I recall the great suspense in the 1980s show "Dallas" of identifying who shot JR Ewing. The audience, "Dallas" enthusiasts and casual viewers alike, tuned in to discover who shot JR. They had their own suspicions about who the shooter was.

Well, that’s how it is in our lives. A large group of people have their own opinion of how your life is going to turn out, what you will accomplish and if you will outlast the dilemmas, disappointments and trials you may be faced with.

I encourage you that no one knows the outcome of your life like "the author." Sometimes the author leaves us in suspense so we don’t leave him. He baits us to stay in connection with him.

There maybe someone who can identify their life as an unfinished story. Your life is being held in suspense because the author is waiting on you to get in position. Perhaps all the players connected to your success haven’t arrived.

David declares he prepares a table in the presence of my enemies. Perhaps all those who doubted you, haven’t arrived yet. So the author labeled your life story as unfinished. You thought by the end of last year, you would have certain things completed and closed out. Surprisingly, you are in the new year, and your goals have not been realized.

Do not be dismayed, the author wants to encourage you to continue to press, move forward knowing the story cannot end without him getting the glory.

Luke 15 details a story of a father and his two sons that ends in a cliffhanger. One son left home while the other son remained by the father’s side. When the son who left returned, a celebration was given, the one who didn’t leave was upset because he did not feel honored. The father reassured him that all he has is and was his all the time. He never had a celebration because he did not ask for it.

Though the father reassured him, the story ended in a cliffhanger, unfinished . We don’t know if the son went into the house to be a part of the celebration. We may not know the end, but the author knows.

The author is God himself. He knows the unfinished pieces and parts of our lives of last year. But in this new year, be reminded he will complete that which concerns you. It shall be finished. He is the only one that can change the course and trajectory of our lives. He is the only one that knows the outcome before we get started.

What is it that you have defined to be unfinished in your life story? God wants to bring closure to it so you can begin your new year and new season.

Frasier is pastor of New Dimension Christian Fellowship and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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