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Contentment comes with knowing God
Brad Butler
Pastor Brad Butler, First Baptist Church, Pembroke

Twenty-four and a half years ago, my family began a 14-year adventure that was both exciting and frightening at the same time. My wife and I gathered up our two small boys, along with all of our possessions, and we moved to the upper Midwest. For the next nearly decade and a half, we lived and worked in Indiana and Michigan.

We were blessed to live in two wonderful communities and serve in two great churches. There were times when it was very hard. We were separated from family and longtime friends. We were careful to travel back “home” for holidays each year. But overall, it was a great experience for our family. We made many new friends and great memories along the way.

But I have to share this with you. We moved from metropolitan Detroit to Pembroke in July 2005. Prior to the move, we had a garage sale. One item I was eager to sell was my snow blower. I put a price tag of $75 on it, and quickly accepted the first offer of $50. The poor guy didn’t realize that I would have paid him $25 to haul it off. I have no intention whatsoever of ever walking behind another snow blower as long as I live.

We are moving closer to winter as I write. We are in fall, but there are times in South Georgia when you cannot tell. I hope to play golf next week during the Thanksgiving weekend. I never did that up North.

I have to admit this to you. I do not like cold weather. When we moved back South, I made a pledge to God. I will not complain about hot weather. And so, when it is 98 degrees with 90 percent humidity, I keep marching forward. I am going to keep that promise. I will gladly endure August in Ellabell over February in Warren.

Yet, the time we spent up there was a blessing to us. I’m not a fan of the cold, but God gave us grace. Paul wrote, “I have learned in whatever state I find myself, to be content there.” And he wrote that from prison!

Why do we complain? In so many ways we have it so good. God is with us, and he is watching over us. Wherever we go, and whatever we do, we can count on his faithfulness. Are you content? I’m not saying you ought not to attempt to better yourself. But God has blessed you. Be sure you give thanks and that you find your contentment in him.

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