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Commit every moment to Him
Pastor's corner
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While every day is significant, the last few days have been amazingly powerful for me as I remembered the significance of living a committed life — one dedicated to God. We must reflect His unconditional love in every interaction we have. We must give more than we take, and we must remain alert with compassion for others. 
Last week, after I reread Jesus Christ’s last seven utterances from the cross, I gained a deeper appreciation for what the shedding of His blood on the cross has done.
Think about it. Jesus gave His life for us thousands of years ago and it’s still meaningful and powerful today. Jesus Christ came to Earth knowing full well that He would suffer for us. He came to us as a human being. He had things in common with us. 
As I reread his last statements, I paused on “Into Thy hands I commit my spirit.” As I live each day, I commit my spirit and everything about me to God. His hands are strong enough, comforting and secure enough to fully orchestrate the details of my life.
 As you read His words, I want you to pause and think about Him. Jesus is eternal, and we can fully trust Him.
God loved the world so much that He gave us His Son. Let’s commit every moment to Him. 

Jones is a licensed and ordained minister, a member of Mt. Zion Ministries in Hinesville and the Homeless Prevention Program coordinator for the city of Hinesville.

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