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Are you sharing your experience?
pastor corner

The other morning as I was reading some Scripture, I came across 1 John chapter 1.

In the first part of the chapter, I saw where John began to share his personal experience with Jesus Christ. In describing this experience, he said, "we have heard," "we have seen," and "we have touched."

He and the other disciples had heard Jesus speak numerous times, they had seen him personally, watching him live the example before them, and they had actually touched him, either through a handshake, pat on the back or hug.

We as Christians have our own personal experience story that we can share with others. We have heard his voice mainly through his word, the Bible; through the Holy Spirit, who convinces and guides us; and through other believers by way of their encouragement, as well as rebuke. We have seen him through his workings among us. We can see what he has done in our own lives as well as in the lives of others. We can touch him through our emotions and as we connect with him in prayer, and definitely we can be touched by him.

All in all, we can know that we have a personal experience with Jesus Christ and if we are going to change our world, we must learn to share it.

The truth of the matter is that there are many who have never had that personal experience; they don’t have a story to tell. The good news is that every person on this Earth can hear for themselves, they can see for themselves, and they can touch him with their emotions and have their lives touched by him. If this speaks to your life, and you desire a change, begin to seek after Jesus Christ and you will find him.

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