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A view of faith versus unbelief
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I was reading today about the time a Jewish leader came to Jesus asking Him to do something for him.

Jesus had already established a reputation of healing the sick and doing several other miracles. This request was beyond the norm; He was asked to raise a child from the dead.

When Jesus got to the child, the house was filled with family, friends and neighbors who were mourning. At the very thought of Jesus doing anything for this child, the people laughed because it seemed to be impossible and silly.

Well, Jesus did raise this girl to life and the people were astonished.

We see what many would say are impossible circumstances in peoples lives today.

There are marriages that are in trouble, kids that have made messes of their lives, people that are addicted to drugs and people who have gotten themselves in financial trouble.

There are those who have received medical reports that offer no hope and there are those who seem to have no interest in following Jesus. When it is suggested that there is hope, many could easily laugh at this very thought and only see defeat and a disastrous ending.

The Bible tells us that there is nothing impossible with God and that God is able to do more than we can even think to ask for. There is no problem or sin that cannot be solved or forgiven.

Whatever your situation, go to God in the name of Christ and ask Him for help. If you just can’t believe, ask God to increase your faith and start reading more of the Bible for it says that faith comes by hearing the word of God.

If you need prayer and encouragement for your "impossible" situation please feel free to call me at 308-7635 or 445 0196.

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