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A signature you'll wish you had
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The other day I went to the bank to deposit my check and when I handed it to the teller she handed it right back. She let me know she could not deposit it because it didn’t have a signature.
The authorized person filled out everything but forgot to sign it, so I had to take it back to them for that signature before it could be deposited to my account.
This ordeal reminded me of my salvation. The unsigned check would be like me going before God and confessing my sins without a mediator.
You see, when Jesus Christ died on the cross he did it as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind. He was buried but then rose from the dead and then ascended to heaven to sit at God the Father’s side to intercede for those seeking a relationship with the Father.
When someone prays and asks God to forgive them, they can be forgiven because Jesus asks the Father to do so based upon his sacrifice on that cross.
An old Christian song went something like, “Jesus signed my pardon this I surely know, took my place on Calvary so I won’t have to go.”
We know there are people in certain high positions that can sign a pardon for someone so that person can be set free from the penalty placed upon them by a court. With salvation, it is as though we are guilty and deserving judgment – so Jesus signs our pardon so we can be set free from the penalty of our sins, which is eternal damnation.
In society, whenever someone is pardoned, it is someone known by the pardoner or someone they owe a favor to. But with Jesus, he will pardon anyone who comes to him in humility asking for mercy.
When you die, you will face God and the big question is: “Will you have your needed signature?”

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