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6 ways to revive your relationship with God
Do you feel yourself drifting away from God? These five tips may help bring you closer to Him. - photo by Chakell Wardleigh
Life gets busy and sometimes, in the middle of trying to stay afloat, we drift away from God.

Here are some ways to help you find your way back to Him:

Talk to Him

Just as with any other person in your life, communication is essential to strengthening your relationship with God. When you are saying your prayers, close your eyes and picture Him right next to you, listening sincerely to everything you are saying. Talk to Him as a child would talk to their parent. He is there to listen to all of your questions and concerns and to provide you with guidance. Talk to Him as often as you can. He is there for you not only in times of need, but in times when you just want to talk. Praying connects God with His children.

Obey Him

Obey Gods commandments. None of us are perfect. If we were, we wouldnt be here in the first place. We grow and develop through this life so we may be reunited with God in the end. The least we can do for Him is to try our best to obey His commandments. We should be kind and honest toward others and attend our church meetings as much as possible. In obeying Gods will, we become brighter and stronger in spirit, integrity and mind.

Study the scriptures

Scriptures are meaningful and beneficial study material when we want to strengthen our faith and relationship with God. They allow God to speak to His children. Scriptures also give a glorious account of spiritual moments throughout time. The stories in the scriptures are dealing with similar circumstances to what we are facing today, at least in principle. Learning about others who have had their faith and patience tested can give us courage to prevail through our own times of trial. Making time to study the scriptures each day can fully revitalize your tired soul.

Listen for Him

Though we may talk with God often, we may not be opening our ears to hear His answers and guidance. When you are finished praying, dont quickly turn on the loud movie you were watching or immediately climb into bed for the night. Take time to stop, look, and listen for Gods answers to your prayers. Sometimes you may not be receiving an answer to your own prayers, but God may prompt you to be an answer to someone elses. Make sure you listen as much as you speak with Him. Communication goes both ways.

Show gratitude

Show your Father in Heaven that you are grateful for all of your blessings. We receive blessings, and sometimes we are quick to ask for more before we take the time to thank Him. Say a prayer of sincere gratitude. Being grateful for Gods hand in your life will make you more appreciative of His constant presence and your purpose here on the earth. Being gracious goes hand in hand with expressing humility.

Be mindful

Be mindful of God's presence in your life. Though it may seem like He is far away at times, He is not. He does not ever leave your side. It is easy to get so caught up in the happenings of the world that we forget to look for God's presence in our lives. In these moments, try to be grateful and aware of how much He has blessed you and continues to bless you each day. Being humble and showing sincere love and respect for God can bring even the most deadened relationship with Him back to life. Cherish your relationship with your Father in Heaven. He is the greatest ally and guardian you can have throughout your life.
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