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5 simple ways to feel the extraordinary love of God
God's love is all around you, but you have to choose to let it in. - photo by Tiffany Fletcher
God is your Father and He loves you so much. He is always there, always watching and always aware of your needs. He constantly reaches out to you to show you His love. But because you live in a fast-paced and crazy world, sometimes you can miss those special moments when God is trying to connect with you.

Here are five ways you can reach out to Him and invite His love into your life.

1. Spend your days in service

One of the easiest ways to feel Gods love for you is by serving His children. God loves His children; and, as you serve them, it is as if you are serving God, Himself, and He will reach down and bless you.

You will feel Him in your heart and hear Him in your mind. He will lead you to those who are in greatest need.

As you dedicate your time to those whom God directs you to, you will feel an undeniable love that will wash over you as you see the gratitude in their eyes for your service. It is a feeling like no other. The love you will feel is profound. Not only will you feel Gods love for those you serve, but also you will overwhelmingly feel Gods love for you.

2. Spend your days in nature

God is in every fabric of nature. His heart is in the water as it flows; His voice is in the gentle breeze as it blows; and His love is in the beauty that surrounds you.

As you spend time in nature, you can become one with your Father in heaven. It is a place where you can be still and simply think about the goodness in the world God has given you.

3. Spend your days listening to divinely inspired music

One of my favorite quotes about music says, "Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from Heaven to the soul."

Music truly is a gift from God. As you allow the beautiful melodies to flow through you, you will change. Your heart will open and you'll feel like youve never felt before. Music will inspire you to be better than you are. You will feel Gods love flow directly from heaven to your heart if you sit still and listen.

Choose to listen with your heart; you will hear God speaking directly to you through the music.

4. Spend your days in prayer

If you want to feel Gods love, ask Him for it.

As you pray, envision yourself standing before Him. Look at His face as you speak the words of the prayer. Feel how deeply He loves you and imagine what He would do if He were with you in person. Envision yourself reaching out to hug Him as He is reaching back to you.

Some of the most powerful prayers I have prayed have been like this. Every time I come away with an undeniable knowledge that God loves me.

5. Spend your days devoted to God

When you wake up in the morning, devote your day to God and to accomplishing what He wants you to do. Ask what He desires of you; you will be surprised at the very clear and direct communication that comes into your mind.

If you listen to those things most people consider as their conscious, you will recognize it is not your conscience at all but God directing your path. You will come to recognize His voice and look forward to communing with Him.

The more you listen and obey His inspiration, the more you will feel His love and gratitude for who you are and how you live your life.

God loves you with a pure and unyielding love. The more you align your life with Him, the more you will recognize that love. Gods love is always present in your life; you simply have to open your heart and feel.
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