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Pembroke Library to host book signing Nov. 1

 Regional Author J. G. Jakes, author of The River’s Edge, will be signing The River’s Edge at the Pembroke Public Library on November 1, 2014 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

When asked to sum up in one sentence what kind of story lies within the pages of The River’s Edge, the author states, “It’s an altogether human story: love and hatred, regret and forgiveness, faith and consequences, and a cross!”

The River’s Edge is an inspirational mainstream fiction about an evil man, horrible murder, a miscarriage of backwoods justice and a young woman’s vow of revenge.

“Upon each of you I will seek my revenge! Watch and wait for your day of reckoning when all of you will answer to me for what you have done. You will stand accountable!” In the depths of that wild, horrific night, Katie McAllister’s anger permeated their hearts and souls.

This character-driven inspiring novel does not lack in action and suspense. With unexpected twists and turns, this gripping narration tells a story of courage, fateful encounter and formidable challenges.

Katie McAllister, a young pious woman, finds that her beliefs are tested when a kind young man is falsely accused and hastily judged.  In her struggle as she fights against bitterness and un-forgiveness, all readers will see echoes of themselves.

Still, Katie’s name becomes known to those men who work in the shadows, crafting despair and feeding off the acrid steam of fear. Does she allow the love of a young man to help break the shackles of bitterness and the clutches of hatred? Letting go of the desire for earthly justice does not come easily… 

 Jakes was born and raised in Shellman, Georgia, where as a child she followed on the heels of her father’s feet, loving and nurturing the land he farmed. Bound by her family heritage, her formative years on the family’s farm fostered such an appreciation for the wholesome values taught by farm life that she counts herself as a true daughter of the soil. Now as a retired school teacher, she continues her love for writing life’s lessons attuned to characters with honor, integrity and Christian faith. 

Compelled to be an inspiration by helping women find renewed hope and courage to face life’s challenges, Jakes speaks to women’s Christian groups at different churches. “It is my genuine desire to share the grace of God and encourage others as they continue on their Christian journey.” Readers may visit the web-site, to find out more.









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