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The Clean Cut: Watch this adorable cat jump at horror movie 'Psycho'
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Scaredy-cat. The phrase is more than just an expression for a timid person it's a real thing. This video of a cat watching the classic horror movie "Psycho" has garnered almost 6 million views in two years.

Suspenseful music, slamming doors, hurried footsteps and one adorable cat. What could go wrong? Quite a lot for this poor, unsuspecting cat.

So engrossed in the film, at one point in the video the cat tucks its paws under its chest and leans forward with widening eyes, dilating pupils and twitching ears as the music and tension builds.

"Mrs. Bates," says a woman's raspy voice in half surprise and half question. And then the famous scream.

Perhaps it is real, perhaps it was edited, but either way, it is adorable.

Click here to see the cat's hilarious, cute and frightened reaction.
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