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Have You Seen This? The assault trombone
Enemies beware, because this kid has an assault trombone. Yeah, an assault trombone. - photo by John Clyde

THE BATTLEFIELD Let's cut right to the chase. This video is from all the way back in Oct. 2015. Most of you probably weren't even born yet.

But I'm highlighting it on Have You Seen This because odds are that you haven't watched it yet, even though it's old enough to be your grandfather.

There are a few reasons I love this video. One of those reasons is because it makes me laugh every single time. It's totally absurd, and that's what makes it great. Another reason I love it is because someone took the time to make this contraption, because why not? The main reason I love it, however, is because I'm also a dad and this man's thought process makes total sense to me.

Take a journey into the mind of a dad with me, if you will.

This is likely how the whole scenario played out in this dad's head:

Dad is cleaning out the garage.

In Dad's head: "I totally forgot about this old trombone. I remember I hated practicing this thing."

Later on, still cleaning the garage.

In Dad's head: "Oh my word. Pop Pop's old rifle. I wonder if this thing even fires anymore."

An idea light pops on over Dad's head. He looks at the rifle, then at the trombone, then back to the rifle.

Dad, out loud: "I need my tools."

Dad grabs his tools and spends hours building an assault trombone while ignoring all other duties. Dad finishes the contraption.

Dad, yelling: "Son! Come here!"

Son tests it; it totally works. Proudest moment of Dad's life.

Dad, talking to son, through tears: "See, son. College is worth your time. I'm really grateful I got that engineering degree."

Dad has another idea light pop on over his head.

Dad, to son: "We should make a video."

Hours later the video is done, and the garage is still a mess.

This is exactly why I love this video, because I'm a dad and taking the time to build this odd machine that serves no purpose and then making a video of it makes perfect sense to me.

Keep innovating, dads, and keep putting off cleaning the garage.
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