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Have You Seen This? Slow-mo train collision with snowbank
Train, meet snow. Snow, this is train. The two of you are going to get along famously. - photo by John Clyde

SNOWMAGEDDON As we have all heard, the east coast is getting hit with snow. I'd feel bad for them, but we dealt with that for months, so I have no more sympathy to give.

But with all that snow comes trouble for commuters. Usually, that trouble comes in the form of people trying to drive to and from work, but this video shows that snow can make traveling by train a pain as well. Well, waiting for a train at least.

This video was taken at an Amtrak station where people were waiting for their train in front of a giant snow bank. Everyone wanted to see what would happen when the giant steel locomotive plowed into the enormous white snowbank. Exactly what you thought would happen did, but on a much larger scale.

The crowd wanted to see the train throw snow high into the air in a spectacular collision, but physics played a joke on them instead and the spectators were hit with a giant wall of white.

The slow-mo video makes the incident even better as you see everyone's face as they realize they've made a huge mistake.

This is how I like to enjoy my snow at this time, through someone else's camera, while I'm far away in sunny weather. Good luck, my East Coast friends. I'll be thinking of you as I sit on my porch this evening.
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