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Have You Seen This? Mom vs triplets and toddler
I can barely get myself ready for bed, but this mom puts us all to shame. Well, at least me. She for sure puts me to shame. - photo by John Clyde

MOM TOWN I have a 5-year-old an a 2-year-old, and bedtime is a nightmare. Between trying to get my daughter's attention and keeping my son from drowning himself in the toilet, I'm exhausted by the time we actually get them in bed. And no, I'm not counting the 36 times they get out of bed because they need a drink, or to go potty, or because they lost Mr. P. (a stuffed penguin that is apparently more important than life itself) or a number of other stall tactics.

My wife and I are now expecting number three, and every night when we put the two we have to bed we finally flop onto the couch and ask each other, "Why are we having another one?"

Well, it's time for me to quit my belly aching because this mom wins. Corrie Whyte is the proud mama of a set of triplets and an adorable and energetic toddler. Her partner, Dan Gibson, posted this time-lapse video of Corrie trying to get these four kids in jammies and ready for bed. All I did was sit here and watch it while eating a Pop Tart and I'm exhausted. Not sure how you do this day in and day out.

I'm no parenting super star, but I do have two nuggets of advice. First: Dan, get off your rear and help. Second: buy zip-up jammies. You're doing yourself no favors with those buttons.

Enjoy the chaos that is bed time for Corrie and Dan.
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