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Have You Seen This? Gorilla dances like no one is watching
There is a gorilla dancing in a pool of water. What else do you need? Watch it already. - photo by John Clyde

THE DANCIN' POOL Everyone, I'd like you to meet Zola. Zola is a gorilla at the Dallas Zoo and, apparently, he likes two things: swimming pools and dancing.

The zoo's primate supervisor, Ashley Orr, captured this video of Zola cutting a rug, if you will. My math may be off, but I think Zola hits Mach 3 at one point during his spins. I'd rather no one check in on that. Not because I'm wrong, just because you have better things to do with your day.

Regardless of the speed of Zola's spins, it's pretty amazing to watch him have a ball as he gets into it. I'm hoping that someone soon cuts this video together with the song "She's a Maniac" by Michael Simbello because I would watch that video every morning when I woke up to remind myself that I need to take some time to dance today.

Seriously, I love this video and you will too. Zola is just having a grand old time and is dancing like he doesn't care who's watching. Let's all take a lesson from Zola and start living life in the dance lane. I'm done with catchphrases and puns, go on with your day, but not until you watch Zola for 30 seconds or so.
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