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Have You Seen This? Dads and babies cut a rug
Whether they will admit it or not dad's love to dance. They love to dance with their toddler's and apparently they also love to dance with their babies strapped to their chests. - photo by John Clyde
THE DANCE FLOOR Sometimes it's tough for a family with a small baby to find activities you can all do together that are fun and keep you active and healthy. Some things are just too much for the baby. This reality is striking home once again as my wife and I eagerly wait the arrival of our third child. We're realizing that soon we'll have a baby that keeps us tethered to the house as our friends go on hikes. Well, who am I kidding? we're not hikers. But my point is still valid; there are limited options when it comes to getting the whole family plus baby out to have a good time.

A dance studio in San Diego wanted to help out in this arena and started a dance class where families can come and get their groove on. This video captures some sweet choreography involving some dads, baby carriers and sleepy babies, and it's glorious.

These dance moves likely won't land any of these fathers on "Dancing with the Stars," but they will melt the hearts of parents everywhere. Watching these guys cut up the dance floor with their bundles of joy strapped to their chests is probably going to be the best thing you see all day.

I may not be a dancer, but I could get behind this.
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