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Have You Seen This? Dad builds prosthetic arm for little boy
This may be a commercial to try to get people to become engineers, but it's also one of the best videos I've seen in a very long time. Get your tissues ready. - photo by John Clyde

HEARTSTRINGINGTON I know commercials usually try to tug at your heartstrings in an attempt to get you to buy something and let's be honest, it works way too often. But this ad gets to your soul and that's OK because it has an amazing story.

Ben Ryan's little boy Sol had to have his arm amputated when he was only 10 months old. Ben saw the prosthetics available for kids and knew they weren't good enough for his son. So instead of complaining about it and giving his boy something he felt was subpar, Ben did something about it.

Ben started experimenting and eventually created a prosthetic arm for his son that was perfect for the small boy. Now Ben is an engineer making arms for kids all over the world and completely changing their lives.

This video makes me so happy that I've been smiling for days since I first saw it. We are dealing with a lot of heartaches and difficult circumstances right now in the world, and I feel like we need stories like this. So go ahead and watch the video and let it inspire you. Then share Sol and Ben's story and make someone else's day just a little bit better.
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