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Have You Seen This? Aspirational weathergirls report cut short by fiery lightning flash
Hannah has dreams of being a weather person on TV, but this seven-second video may have scared her away from live reporting forever. - photo by John Clyde

THE BACK PORCH We all have dreams and like to pretend like we've achieved those dreams at times.

For example, I'm not afraid to admit I've accepted an Academy Award in my bath towel in front of the mirror more than once. Or that I've done a postgame interview after hitting a walk-off grand slam to win the World Series for the Chicago Cubs in my living room.

What I am afraid to admit is that these played out fantasies didn't occur just when I was a kid. They happened more like this week. Regardless, I'm not the only one who does this and this video proves it.

This is Hannah and I can't be positive, but it appears that she may have aspirations of being a TV weather personality someday. Not a bad gig. Pretty much all the weather personalities I've worked with over the years are nothing short of amazing people, so Hannah would be in good company.

But part of being a weather anchor means you sometimes do live shots out in the elements. These professionals are giving weather updates in snow, rain, heat and sometimes lightning.

Hannah looks like she's on her back porch practicing her live reporting skills, but within seven seconds she may have decided that weather is not her thing. I want to see more of this video, but Hannah's face after the lightning hits is a pretty amazing place to end the short clip.

Don't get scared off, Hannah, you can do this.
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