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Genius woman explains how the uterus contracts to give birth with just a balloon and a ping pong bal
Tag your pregnant friend. - photo by David Snell
Childbirth educator and mother of four, Liz Chambers, just blew our minds with and incredible visual representation of *drumroll please* BIRTH.

If you've never given birth before (like me ... because I'm a guy) then you may not know that not all contractions are the same. In the video, Chambers explains the difference between the deceptive Braxton Hicks contractions and what she refers to as the "real" contractions.

She made the video for her niece, Charlotte, who is working to become a childbirth educator like her aunt. Check it out here.

Fascinating, right? I guess the only difference is that in real life the balloon is a uterus, the ping pong ball is the size of a baby and the whole process takes hours instead of seconds. No problem.

The video has accumulated a few million views on Facebook and well over 300,000 on YouTube.

Chambers is a co-owner of Puget Sound Birth Center in Washington State. She says she learned this incredible visual lesson from a workshop called Stomp Out Boring Childbirth Classes.
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