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9 signs youve been wearing the wrong bra size
80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size ... are you one of them? - photo by Lindsey Miller
I remember the first time I got to pick out a bra. I was kind of excited, kind of embarrassed and I made my mom buy it while I waited far, far away. Now that Ive moved past that awkward pre-teen stage, I have no problem finding a good bra.

While almost all women wear bras, I was shocked to find out that 80 percent of women wear the wrong size. Here are nine signs your bra doesnt fit quite right:

1. You spill over

One huge sign that your bra is the wrong size is if your chest is spilling over the top. If this is happening to you, you might need to go up a cup size or two. Youll be way more comfortable, and the fit will be much more flattering.

2. You have it clasped on the tightest clasp

Contrary to popular belief, you should actually clasp your bra on the first clasp when you get it, instead of the second or third. As time goes on and your bra stretches out, youll eventually make it to that last clasp.

3. The back band is up by your shoulder blades

Your bra band should sit at your middle back not between your shoulder blades. If your bra is riding high on your back, youll want to loosen your straps or go down a band size.

4. You have marks where your straps are

Dont let your bra straps dig into your shoulders. If your straps are leaving painful red marks, either loosen your straps or buy a bra with a smaller cup size. The smaller cup size will take some of the pressure off your shoulders and better support your chest.

5. Theres room between the cup and your breast

This one is obvious, but you may want to tighten your straps or buy a smaller cup size if theres a lot of room between your breasts and your bra.

6. Your back is bulging

No one likes feeling that extra back flab when your bra is digging into your skin. Either go a size up on your band, or clasp it on the first clasp if youre not already.

7. Your straps are too loose

Theres nothing more annoying than bra straps that fall off of your shoulders. Instead of pulling them up all day, just tighten them until you can fit two fingers comfortably and snugly between your shoulder and strap.

8. You havent been properly fitted

Even though it might be a little awkward, its so important that you take the time to get a proper bra fitting. Go to a trusted bra store and have a specialist help you. Theyll be able to tell you what size you are and what type of bra would work best for you.

9. Youve been wearing the same bra for years

Bras change over time, and not for the better. If you cant remember the last time you bought a new bra, its definitely time for a new one. How frequently you purchase a new bra depends on how many you have in rotation and the quality of those bras, but bra expert Bobbie Smith suggests replacing them every eight months.

If you show any of these signs, its definitely time to upgrade your bra. Happy shopping!
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