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8 phrases you should tell yourself every morning
Your self-talk becomes your reality. Small changes to the way you talk to yourself, and the thoughts you think about yourself, can make big changes in your life. - photo by Candace Johnson
Research shows that positive self-talk can increase your lifespan, help your physical and emotional health, strengthen your wellbeing and provide better coping skills during hardships and times of stress. Self-talk is the voice in your mind that controls your thoughts about yourself and your life. states What you say in your mind can determine a lot of how you feel about who you are.

When you get ready in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror with a smile on your face and tell yourself these 8 things. If you say these phrases enough you will not only succeed but believe what you are telling yourself:

1. Today is a good day.

Every day is a new start, a new chance at being positive. Do not bring negative thoughts from the prior day into your morning. Start your day off right by using this phrase before anything else can enter your mind and deter your thoughts from this fact. Your thought pattern will begin to change as you believe every morning can be positive.

2. I love who I am.

The world pressures us to feel inferior. There will always be someone smarter, more successful, skinnier or prettier. The key is to come to love ourselves for who we are and who we are trying to become. Remember that saying this doesn't mean you stop trying to improve, it means you come to love yourself for your flaws and for trying to improve on them.

3. I accept the things I cannot change.

Life is unpredictable. Throughout your day you will encounter good things, hard things, bad things, and happy things. You cannot count on others to find joy, but by accepting what may be difficult for you, you will gain courage and confidence in accepting change.

4. I succeed in my endeavors.

While you won't be successful in everything, you can always succeed at trying. By reminding yourself every morning of this, you will find determination to always try no matter the circumstances.

5. The past is behind me.

You have control of your future. While you cannot always forget troubles of the past days, you can move forward with a hope for today. You have the power to leave the burden of yesterday behind. Take a deep breath and focus on the day you have in front of you.

6. "I am strong."

This is not just a reference to your physical strength. While you may benefit from a strong, healthy body what is just as important is an able mind. You have the strength you need to conquer fears, meet deadlines, handle trials in your family, and deal with the pressures of life. You are strong enough to deal with emotional situations. You are in charge of your mind and body- choose to be strong.

7. "All is well."

A study has shown that 90% of ones happiness has to do with your general outlook on life. If your outlook is that things are going well, then your life will go well. You are still subject to heartache, pain and sadness, but your joy will increase if you believe and know All is well.

8. "I am enough."

You are good enough, smart enough, kind enough and pretty enough. Perfection is not necessary. Set achievable goals you want to accomplish then believe that you are loved and supported by those around you.

Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Say those positive thoughts out loud with confidence. Make uplifting phrases a routine. Positive self-talk takes practice. You may not see results right away, but as you put these good phrases into practice you will improve your quality of life.
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