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10 ways to look and feel more attractive
Try these 10 tricks to look and feel more attractive today -- you'll be glad you did. - photo by Hannah Rose
Being -- and feeling -- attractive is so much more than having just another pretty face. Feeling desired and beautiful does not come from physical features, but from within. Are you searching for ways to look and feel more attractive today?

Give these 10 tricks a try.

1. Drop names in conversation

Do not be afraid to occasionally work the individuals name into the conversation. Acknowledging them by name sends a signal that you recognize their identity. It provides a boost to their ego and self-esteem, making you automatically attractive.

2. Talk about your passions

When an individual talks about their passions, they receive a natural light and glow in their eyes. Talk about things that spark your interest and things you are highly educated on to show your passion about life. Your enthusiasm will become contagious.

3. Stay positive

Scientists have proven that optimistic people live happier and healthier lifestyles. Positive people participate in positive self-talk, compliment others more often, stand out more (in a good way) and make other people feel better about themselves.

4. Use hand gestures

Looking to feel more attractive? Use your hands more. It has been found that individuals that engage their hands and arms in conversation are more invested and enthusiastic.

5. Dress up

When you look good, you feel good. Choose an outfit that you feel confident in. Individuals that dress themselves up to best accentuate their look and features exude more confidence and appear more attractive.

6. Make eye contact

Make it a point to look into peoples eyes. Note all the colors and shades and take the time to notice the length of their eyelashes. Eye contact shows your intention to make a genuine connection with the individual.

7. Smell good

It has been shown that an individuals scent leaves a distinct and lingering impression. Go ahead and spray your favorite cologne or perfume. A little spritz may go a long way!

8. Put down your phone

Want to be more attractive? Limit screen time and increase face time. The ability to create a personal connection will make you seem more attractive, attentive and desirable.

9. Believe in yourself

Recognize your worth. An individual that has self-confidence and is not afraid to be who they are is extremely attractive.

10. Laugh at yourself

Through laughing we can quickly establish a good relationship with each other, and because it is so contagious it can quickly spread through a crowd, Psychologist Mark van Vugt said.
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