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Schools to open, will consider special circumstances
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Bryan County Schools will resume classes Thursday morning, although families who are unable to send their children just yet should not worry.

“If families have special circumstances, those will be considered on a case-by-case basis at the school level,” Superintendent Paul Brooksher said. “Our primary focus right now though, is getting our schools open and getting students back into a routine.”

After Brooksher announced Tuesday that schools would open Thursday, several parents voiced concerns about issues that could prevent their children from attending, including a continued lack of power or problems in returning from evacuation.

“It’s difficult to make a blanket statement that would apply to every situation,” Brooksher said. “It will be better to let families discuss things with the administrators at each particular school.”

Brooksher said staff has been working since Tuesday to check on buildings, clean up debris and get ready to welcome students back. That included moving about 50 buses back to South Bryan that had been stored in North Bryan to help minimize damage.

“We’ve been inspecting each building and other than a few minor leaks, we’re in good shape,” Brooksher said. “We also did well as far as not losing power for too long, so we have plenty of food to cover Thursday and Friday.”

Due to extended power outages during Hurricane Matthew last October, schools had to throw out spoiled food and wait for new supplies, one of several reasons why the district was closed longer at the time.

“We were very blessed and lucky this time around,” Brooksher said. “We’re concerned for all of our families and look forward to getting some normalcy back for the students.”

Brooksher announced Sept. 7 that schools would be closed Sept. 8, 11 and 12. That was extended to include Sept. 13 once Hurricane Irma passed and the all-clear to return was given.

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