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JRTOC builds strong citizens
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One of the primary objectives of the Bryan County Schools is for our students to graduate as strong citizens who possess the life skills necessary to courageously and confidently face the world beyond high school.

This is no easy task and it requires a combination of parental involvement, classroom instruction and extra-curricular activities oriented toward creating an awareness of the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of citizenship; developing the student’s sense of personal responsibility and providing leadership opportunities.

The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) program in our high schools serves as an excellent format in which to achieve this goal of developing the student’s sense of personal responsibility and of providing leadership opportunities.

Our school system implemented the JROTC program three years ago and since the first day all classes have been filled with cadets excited to be a part of this burgeoning program. JROTC courses cover the basics of history, government, technology awareness, financial planning, customs/courtesies, and current events.

Also, the classes focus on very critical personal skills such as how to study, effective speaking, how to take tests, time management, and how to interview for jobs. Some of the extracurricular activities we offer in JROTC are Drill Team, Color Guard, Rifle Team, and Raider Challenge.

The JROTC summer camp provides the opportunity to train in confidence courses, obstacle courses, land navigation, and water safety techniques.

Our cadets compete against other schools throughout the state, and their preparation entails many long hours of after school training weeks before the competition. These competitions have allowed us to showplace our program as the best in the state.

As cadets rise through the program and take on greater responsibilities they begin to forge relationships with their fellow cadets that require them to lead and to follow.

They experience the importance of being a part of the community and the necessity of protecting our privileges as citizens of our great democracy. Cadets who demonstrate performance at a superior level are eligible for JROTC scholarships at many of our colleges and universities in the state as well as appointments to the military academies.

The Bryan County Schools are committed to the impact that JROTC has made on the school, the community, and the cadets themselves.

We take great pride in the growth we have seen in our cadets and look for greater things to come.


by Dr. Charles Spann, Principal

Richmond Hill High School

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