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Uptown in Lowcountry Tight-Line Jr. Shrimp Appetizer
Tight-Line Junior
Donny Branch
Donny Branch lives on the coast in Liberty County. - photo by File photo

Well folks, there are a few anglers catching some fish.

I find more and more lately that the fisherman are not as anxious to talk about their catches as they once were. I suspect one reason is that these days there are more people out there fishing than there once was. Also the seasoned angler and, yes the rookie may, tend to eyeball your spot, especially if they happen to pass by as you are catching one.

I know it`s hard not to reel it in when you have one on the line, but you must learn patience, if you want to keep your fishing holes to yourself.

I came up with an original appetizer recipe, for any evening you feel like enjoying some good food with your beverage of choice.

This is what you will need:

Three dozen nice 22/26 Ga. Shrimp

A gourmet loaf of sourdough bread

Parmesan or Romano cheese, whichever is your favorite

Some cream cheese and chives

Some minced garlic

Extra virgin olive oil


Cayenne pepper

The Cooking: Put the shrimp on the stove top to fry with some olive oil in the pan. Simmer on low. Hopefully on a gas stove. Pre-heat the oven to 300. Then, whip the chives and cream cheese and garlic with the cayenne pepper. Take the shrimp up and lightly dry with a paper towel, then place them evenly on the skewers. Take the loaf of sourdough and slice into thin pieces. Pour some of EVOO on a plate and dip each slice of bread into it. Then place the bread on a baking sheet. Sprinkle the sourdough and the shrimp with your choice of cheese. Place the shrimp on another baking sheet and put them both in the oven. Turn up to 350 for 4 to 5 minutes or until the bread starts to brown around the edges.

Already have the wine or the beer on ice. I suggest a pinot grigio or cold Negro Medelo. Both taste good with the shrimp and bread.

Now lay all the food out on the counter and spread some of the cream cheese mixture on the toast and pop a shrimp on top, grab your cold beverage and you are ready for a good time. This one is called Uptown in the Lowcountry Tight-Line Jr. Shrimp Appetizer. I hope you will give it a try and enjoy it with some friends.

Remember what Old Tight-line always said. Get out there and go fishing and if you do go, remember to always keep a tight line. That`s it from the coast living the tight-line life, on the coast,

Tight-line Jr.

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