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Celebrating title IX
Richmond Hill athletes take part in National Girls and Women in Sports Day
Courtney Myers (center) was one of many RHHS athletes who took part in the celebration of Title IX. - photo by Provided
Female athletes around the country celebrated the passing of Title IX, an educational amendment passed in 1972 to ensure gender equality by eliminating discrimination in sports, on Tuesday, March 4.
Since the passing of Title IX, women and girls have gradually been exposed to much greater opportunities and recognition in sports than ever before.
National Girls and Women in Sports Day began in 1987 and is currently recognized in all 50 states.
The events at Richmond Hill High School and Richmond Hill Middle School were kicked off by contests held at both schools: a photo contest at RHHS, and a poster contest at RHMS.
Open to all students, the contest helped participants understand the positive impact of Title IX by exploring this year's national theme, "All In!"
The photo contest winners at RHHS were Karla Schott, first place, and Minh Phan, second place.
The poster contest winners at RHMS were Hailey Maurer, first place; Dana Rohde, second place; Erin Fortenberry, third place.
Richmond Hill High School and Middle School celebrated this special day by holding a program for all female athletes in the Richmond Hill High School cafeteria, on the morning of Feb. 6.
Speakers included Dr. Linda Dugan, RHHS counselor; Dr. Jane Lynes, RHHS/RHMS assistant principal; Superintendant, Dr. Sallie Brewer; and guest speaker Melissa Maikos, a high school sports reporter for WTOC.
Maikos motivated the young athletes by stressing the importance of pursuing academic success, in addition to sports achievement.
Rachel Simmons, a film and video student and school photographer at RHHS, created a film presentation which gave the origins of NGWS Day and explained the meaning of Title IX.
The film also showed several snapshots of our female athletes in action.
Dr. Jane Lynes, who heads the committee at both schools, said of the benefits of recognizing this day, "Students gain a better understanding from which opportunities for girls and women, both academic and athletic, have evolved. They experience the history of Title IX and gain an appreciation for women in sports careers and what athletics has meant to them. They also develop a mutual respect for each other and their varied sports.."
NGWS Day, which has become an annual event for both schools, was a great success this year.
The appreciation Richmond Hill schools and board members show for these female athletes was evident in the smiling faces throughout the crowd.
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