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Wounded Warrior Project is too top heavy
Letter to the editor

Editor, I read Mr. Bruce McCartney’s letter to the editor regarding the Wounded Warrior Project. He is totally correct. The project is top-heavy with a greedy group of executives. The top 10 officers have a compensation package from $150,000 to $333,000 a year. The remaining funds are disbursed to over 40 distribution organizations with similar management configurations.
Out of its total donations, the organization’s administrative expenses are about 62 percent, including fundraising expenses of 13 percent. This means that only 38 percent of the collected donations are what actually is available to the wounded warriors.
The Wounded Warrior Project outsources all of its major functions, including fundraising, legal tasks, donation processing and distribution. Note that the commercials do not state one thing that the project does for our wounded veterans. I wonder why? I also question whether the project employs mostly veterans or civilians.
The project did push for the Veterans Caregiver Act, which provides seriously injured veterans with money for caregivers. The catch here is that only veterans from Sept. 11, 2001, and later are eligible, and they had to be wounded by IEDs, a gunshot, a shell fragment or be suffering from PTSD. As usual, our Vietnam veterans are ignored.
As much as I support our military, this is one organization that I have to pass on.
You can check the project’s IRS Form 990 to verify the information.

— Len Calderone

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