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What if life begins at conception?
pastor corner

Abortion has been a controversial issue in our society for a long time. The biggest question regarding this is, when does life begin in the womb? One side, which I am part of, believes that life begins at conception, while the other side believes life begins some time after that. Some would go as far as believing that life doesn’t really count until the baby is outside the womb. Scripture indicates that God recognizes the baby inside the womb as it is being formed when it says in Jeremiah 1:5, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.”

What if life actually begins at conception? Then abortion is a sin. What if life begins at conception? Then babies are being killed by the millions and there are those who are committing murder. What if life actually begins at conception? Then we are limiting our society from future scientist, leaders, teachers, doctors and yes even pastors. What if life actually begins at conception? Then we as a nation, are bringing upon ourselves the discipline of God and we need to repent of such atrocities.

I do believe that most people who have abortions do so out of ignorance; almost all women who see their baby by way of ultrasound will choose not to have an abortion. I also believe that many who support abortion, do so out of compassion for the mother.

We as Christians should do several things. First, pray that the eyes of those who support abortion will be open to the truth and for those mothers who are deciding what to do to make the right decisions. We should also pray for forgiveness for our nation allowing this to happen. Also we should support our local Crisis Pregnancy Centers through finances and items they need.

Then we should come along side future mothers who are struggling, lending our support. We should also remind those who have had abortions that God loves them and is merciful and offers forgiveness.

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